Thursday, September 24, 2009

Step by Step, Three Choices: Day 4

Thursday, September 24th

1 - I bought a few 'Full Bars' today. Supposedly, they're a healthy snack bar to eat 30 minutes before a meal to make you feel somewhat full so that you eat less. My problem has usually been the types of food I eat, and not as much the quantity or portions. But, I'll give them a try anyhow. I had an "Apple Caramel Crisp" Full Bar for breakfast, and it wasn't too bad. After waking up at 7:30 and eating the bar around 9:30, I wasn't hungry for lunch until about 1:15. Not bad! (Check out for more info. Rest assured, this isn't a paid endorsement. It's not an endorsement at all; I don't know if I even like them yet.) :-)

2 - I spent 20 of my 30 lunch break minutes walking around my new work 'hood (NoHo). I picked up lunch at 'wichcraft. I got the soup & sandwich combo which was TINY. I'm talking supermodel food. The tiny friggin' finger sandwich was delicious. (Multigrain bread with goat cheese, walnut pesto (very little oil), watercress, celery, avocado.) The soup was tiny and average. It was a watery split pea soup with "olive oil croutons". There were 2 little croutons, so I wasn't worried about them being unhealthy. I haven't been able to find calorie counts online anywhere, but I'm fairly sure that these didn't have crazy hidden fats. Even so, the portions were so small that I'm not worried. So to clarify: Today's #2 Choice was a decent walk and mini-sized food portions.

3 - This is harder than I thought. Anyone have any tips to make me reach three healthy choices each day?

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  1. Your third thing could be to make sure you drink 8 glasses of water a day. Harder than it sounds!
    -Karen (it won't let me log on!)