Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Keep on Pushing"

Quick update: Weight Watchers is going well! The first few weeks had me down 6.6 pounds! I gained a few 'fake' pounds on the third week's weigh-in, but that's only because I did a little cheating on the Sunday before weigh-in. I had lost a bit of weight in November/December, so I'm down approximately 13 pounds since I hit my peak in mid-late 2009!

This time really does feel different, and even though I'm not losing quite as quickly as when I was on the plan in 2007, it's been much easier this time. We're eating a fantastic variety of foods: Mediterranean Lamb Stew, Mango Thai No-Meatballs with Peanut Sauce and Rice, Chicken Marsala, and Shrimp Scampi with Linguine, to name just a few. Anyone who says a "diet" has to be boring is straight up wrong.

One of the most exciting developments in the 'eating habits' area has been the addition of a Blendtec Total Home Blender. To call this thing a blender is to not truly understand the versatility and power of this incredible machine. Dedicated post to follow!

"I've got to keep on pushing, I can't stop now. Move up a little higher, some way, somehow..."

Monday, January 4, 2010

"Let's Get It Started"

Signed up last night! Weighed in and started this morning! Look for another new post later this evening! 

"Step by step, like an infant new kid. Inch by inch with the new solution. Transmit hits, with no delusion. The feeling's irresistible and that's how we movin'..."

Friday, January 1, 2010

"With a Little Help from My Friends"

Well, that didn’t exactly go as planned, did it? Excuses, excuses. I don’t know if it’s even helpful to go through them, to be honest. I started a new job, the holidays made me crazy, I went out of town five times in two months, blah, blah, and blah. What’s the point, really? The fact is that I haven’t posted here since September. That’s a shame, but the past is over and gone. I open my eyes and awaken in the present. That’s where we are, so let’s step forward from here. 2010. It's kind of wild.

Updates on the vitals: I don’t think I gained any weight throughout the autumn, but if I did, I dropped it when I came down with a 10-day case of swine flu. (Pardon me, “Novel Influenza A, H1N1".) I had no appetite for days, and would occasionally hurl in the morning as the daily realization set in that I still wasn’t back to normal. On the upside, it gave me a solid eight-pound loss (which I have kept off, thank you very much), so like Fabricio encouraged each day, I say, “Keep throwin’ up!” Now, now, don't judge me. I’m not bulimic, and I don’t condone bulimia as a healthy way of living. Let’s make that clear to keep the letters from starting when this blog hits the big time. (In my dream, I have a sit-down interview with Jillian Michaels, or she surprises me at my office and gives me an impromptu beat down. Feel free to write and tell her how much I need to experience her amazing brand of psyche-breaking, fix-you-deep-in-your-core, then-build-you-up-to-be-stronger-than-ever skills.)

A few months ago I wasn’t sure if the structure of the Weight Watchers Points System was still the best method for me to monitor my food intake. I did the program in 2007, and then a halfhearted attempt early in 2009. However, I’ve come to realize that (at least right now in the beginning of my loss) it is the easiest and most foolproof plan. Due to my work schedule, I can no longer attend the same weekly meeting that I used to, so I’m going to try their online-only plan that includes the most helpful tool of all, their “Points Tracker”. 

One of my original intents with this blog was to show how anyone could conquer weight loss on their own, and that it wasn’t necessary to use a service that has a monthly fee. Well...sometimes you (read: me) need to accept the fact that you need help.

I won’t have a “leader” to give me a sermon and pep talk each week, so I hope that I can count on all of you to keep me accountable and encouraged! The new plan starts bright and early on Monday, January 4th. I hope you’ll join me. Whether you have 5 pounds to lose, or 100+, let’s make this the start of something big.

Happy New Year! The "New Year, New You" catchphrase for 2009 in the media was “Feelin’ fine in ‘09!” What should we use for 2010? I like cheesy, so hit me with something good!

"Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends. Mmm, gonna try with a little help from my friends..."